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Nice to meet PEW! Say “Hello” to Pink-Eyed Whites and Ruby-Eyed Guinea Pigs

Published: 3/9/2017 | Author: HappyCavy | Updated: 3/19/2017

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PEW guinea pig with pink eyes and white coat

Camille the pink-eyed white guinea pig. Credit: Two Flower Photography

All guinea pigs deserve an equal chance at love. And yet, despite their winning personalities, some guinea pigs often get looked over for adoption due to a myriad of oddly specific reasons, including – you may have guessed it – eye color.

One type of guinea pig that continually finds itself on the losing side of popularity contests is the red-eyed guinea pig.

Whether they are pink-eyed whites (PEWs) or ruby-eyed cavies, guinea pigs with red eyes are among the least popular guinea pigs to be adopted.

Some people say this is because potential cavy parents find red-eyed guinea pigs “creepy” and prefer the traditional look of their dark-eyed counterparts. Other people think that red eyes are a sign of a genetic disorder or a bad health condition. Whatever the reason, we’re here to set the record straight and paint the town pink and ruby red!

This week, the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue and other guinea pig Facebook groups (here and here) are celebrating “PEW and Ruby Appreciation Week” with the goal of dispelling the myth that these guinea pigs are any less cute or cuddly than dark-eyed cavies.we at HappyCavy are here to help, too.

Pink-Eyed Whites Are Albino

Nope! Albino guinea pigs are born with a lack of pigment. But pink-eyed whites are just that: white!

White guinea pigs are simply more fashion-forward than their play-it-safe dark-eyed brothers and sisters. Unbound by the silly rules followed by dark-eyed, dark-coated guinea pigs, white coated guinea pigs don’t need to worry about whether today is before or after Labor Day. They get to rock their white coats all year round.

PEW guinea pig sits on a little kid's lap

Pudgy relaxes with her human.
Source: Facebook

Guinea Pigs with Red Eyes are Evil

Seriously? Just no.

How can you call guinea pigs evil?

White coated guinea pigs are just as sweet, caring and cuddle-ready as dark-eyed guinea pigs. They wheek just as loud for treats, sleep just as long in the afternoon and popcorn just as high when they’re feeling their groove.

We’d even argue that red-eyed guinea pigs are a little more special than the average cavy. What most of them lack in fancy coloring, they can make up for it in personality. Don’t believe us? Ask Pudgy to the right.

Ruby-Eyed Guinea Pigs Need Special Care

If by special care you mean extra snuggles and bonus kisses, then yes!

But seriously, red eyes don’t mean a guinea pig is blind. They don’t mean it needs any special care. And they don’t mean it has X-ray vision or is communicating secretly with the Russians. Most PEWs and ruby-eyed guinea pigs only require what other dark-eyed guinea pigs need: fresh food, clean water, daily floor time and weekly at-home guinea pig health checks.

Plus, unlike those fussy Abyssinians or rascally Teddys (we’re looking at you, Winnie), most pink-eyed whites and ruby-eyed guinea pigs come with minimal attitude.

Falling in love with the idea of welcoming a pink-eyed pig in your home? Contact your local guinea pig rescue to see if one – or two! – are waiting for you.

Pink-Eyed Whites Are “Lethal” Guinea Pigs

Not true! “Lethal” guinea pigs are guinea pigs that, due to complications in the breeding process, are born with physical deformities and other conditions that can significantly shorten the life span. Such issues generally include microphthalmia (small or non-existent eyes), inadequate immune systems, neurological problems and a host of other unfortunate health problems.

Guinea pig shooting lasers out of its eyes


If you see a guinea pig with red eyes and a white coat up for adoption, the guinea pig is most likely not a lethal guinea pig, since “lethal” guinea pigs are typically not suited to be adopted by new or inexperienced guinea pig caretakers.

PEWs Can Shoot Lasers Out of Their Eyes

Also not true. But wouldn’t that be amazing?

Laser pig, activate!

Show Your PEW and Ruby-Eyed Pride!

Do you have a cuddly PEW or ruby guinea pig?

What other myths have you heard about PEWs and ruby-eyed cavies that you’d like to stop?

Post your photos and ideas in the comment section below, and we’ll share them on Facebook and Twitter!

Nice to meet PEW! Say “Hello” to Pink-Eyed Whites and Ruby-Eyed Guinea Pigs, 4.8 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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