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Domestic guinea pigs are scientifically known as Cavia porcellus [source]

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About Hammy

Updated: 8/1/2014

Hammy the Guinea Pig

NAME: Hammy

SEX: Female

NICKNAMES: Hammer Jammer, Hammer-nation


Feb 2009

Favorite snack:


More About Hammy: Where I Live, What I Eat

My Sisters’ Pages: Bitsy, Feebee, Buttercup

Hammy is Pig #1 and the Official Spokes-Pig at She’s a happy-go-lucky guinea pig who’s a little too big for pop-corning now but she definitely tries!

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Hammy is a little on the shy side but when her sisters are up to something interesting, she will be there in a second.  Hammy loves munching on lettuce and running around her home early in the morning to make sure her guinea pig sisters get an early start!

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Hammy in Her Pigloo

Hammy sniffing the camera

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About This Guinea Pig Website

HappyCavy has been online since June 2009 with Hammy and Piglet. In October of 2009, a sweet, fuzzy cavy named Bitsy joined the webcam broadcasts.

Feebee and Buttercup were welcomed to the HappyCavy Forever Home as friends and co-conspirators in January 2011. Dot was the most recent to join us on July 2012. Learn more about the guinea pigs here.

Thanks for stopping by ... Please enjoy the show! :)

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