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Meet the Herd

Updated: 10/31/2017

The Happy Cavy guinea pigs

Winnie (left) and Rosie, the guinea pigs of HappyCavy.

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Winnie and Rosie are American sow (female) guinea pigs. Hammy was the original HappyCavy guinea pig (along with her late sisters Piglet and Bitsy). Other HappyCavies have included Feebee and Buttercup.

HappyCavy prefers adoption over buying, and we encourage others to look toward local rescues and shelters when searching for guinea pigs to adopt. Because of this belief, each HappyCavy guinea pig is a happy, healthy rescue that is finally living the good life in the HappyCavy Forever Home.

A Brief History

Hammy and Piglet were adopted together in Spring 2009. To prepare for a short vacation in the Summer of 2009, the Humans arranged for a pet sitter to watch the two tiny creatures while they were both away. The Humans couldn’t resist setting up a few webcams, though, to keep an eye on them while they weren’t there.

Thus, HappyCavy was born.

Who’s on the Webcams?

Feebee and Buttercup, a bonded pair from Washington State, joined the HappyCavy Forever Home January 22, 2011. They took a few hours to reach their destination, but, once they did, they learned to enjoy the spoils of their beautiful home and pampered lifestyle.

After the passing of Hammy and Dot, The Humans adopted Winnie on February 8, 2015.

Shortly after Winnie’s adoption, she got lonely. After a few weeks of restless and lonely behavior — on June 6, 2015 — Winnie got a friend: little Miss Rosie. Winnie and Rosie have since become very close, and are continuing to learn how to adjust to a pampered lifestyle, which can be difficult for rescue guinea pigs.

The last guinea pigs to say goodbye to HappyCavy was Buttercup in 2015 Feebee in 2017.

Winnie and Rosie now live the guinea pig’s dream — always lots of timothy hay and tons of space to run around and play.

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Winnie Winnie on Web Cam

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Rosie Rosie on Web Cam

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About This Guinea Pig Website

HappyCavy has been online since June 2009 with Hammy and Piglet. In October of 2009, a sweet, fuzzy cavy named Bitsy joined the webcam broadcasts.

Feebee and Buttercup were welcomed to the HappyCavy Forever Home as friends and co-conspirators in January 2011. Dot joined us on July 2012, and Winnie and Rosie were the most recent addition on February 8, 2015 and June 6, 2015, respectively. Learn more about the guinea pigs here.

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