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Cavies need something to chew; their teeth grow life long [source]

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Feebee the Guinea Pig Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Feebee the Guinea Pig Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Shine on, little Feebs. Feebee the guinea pig, who has recently been dealing with a series of health issues, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday at approximately 6:00 pm Pacific Time on Friday, October 27. She passed at home, peacefully and without ...

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Feebee: An Update on HappyCavy’s Senior Guinea Pig

Feebee: An Update on HappyCavy’s Senior Guinea Pig

Learn about Feebee's age-related health issues and what came of a recent visit to the vet....

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A HappyCavy Guinea Pig Housewarming

A HappyCavy Guinea Pig Housewarming

Winnie asks that you sit up straight for a tour of her new home Home is where your hay is. It’s true! Guinea pigs don’t need much to feel at home – some fresh hay, clean water and a warm place to sleep seem to keep most guinea pigs happy for ho...

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Calling the Podiatrist: Feebee’s Bumbled Foot

Calling the Podiatrist: Feebee’s Bumbled Foot

Feebee was recently diagnosed with an early sign of bumblefoot, but she doesn’t show many of the symptoms. So what gives?...

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Buttercup’s Final Story

12/10/2015 | Herd Happenings | HappyCavy

Buttercup’s Final Story

While the details of Buttercup's last days are heart-breaking, we feel it’s important to share her final story so that we, and our friends, can receive closure....

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HappyCavy has been online since June 2009 with Hammy and Piglet. In October of 2009, a sweet, fuzzy cavy named Bitsy joined the webcam broadcasts.

Feebee and Buttercup were welcomed to the HappyCavy Forever Home as friends and co-conspirators in January 2011. Dot joined us on July 2012, and Winnie and Rosie were the most recent addition on February 8, 2015 and June 6, 2015, respectively. Learn more about the guinea pigs here.

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