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Please Help Japan’s Animals

Published: 3/18/2011 | Author: HappyCavy | Updated: 11/6/2017

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In light of the recent earthquake and tsunami in the Japanese islands, HappyCavy would like to extend an invitation to our viewers to support recent efforts to rescue abandoned animals in Japan.

Please take a moment to watch this video, and follow the links below to help as you feel compelled.

EDIT 03-19-2011: The Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support Facebook page has stated that the 72 hour rule about euthanizing animals is FALSE. But many displaced animals in Japan still need your help.

Please consider helping Japan’s homeless pets. Your donation to a shelter listed below can help save countless lives in the wake of this recent catastrophe.

Japan Cat Network


Animal Friends Niigata

Animal Refuge Kansai

Music Credits:
“I’m Coming Home”
Chorus: written by J. Cole
Verses: written and performed by JennaAnne

Edited by:
Angela Mitchell & Papua Piig

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If you think this post deserves under 5 stars,
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