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Which Flowers are Safe to Feed My Guinea Pig

Published: 4/12/2013 | Author: HappyCavy | Updated: 5/30/2014

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Cinnamon the Guinea Pig

What are some flowers that I could buy during spring time to grow in a pot, such as pansies, marigolds, etc. that I can feed my guinea pigs? I see them and they are so pretty and wonder if my Cinnamon could safely enjoy any of them? Any advice is appreciated!

- Nicole and Cinnamon via email

P.S. – Enclosed is a photo of my guinea pig Cinnamon. Enjoy! :D

Hi, Nicole and Cinnamon!

Thanks for the photo of Cinnamon! What a cutie!

With springtime upon us, very soon guinea pig keepers from all over the Northern Hemisphere will begin to prepare their gardens, plan new runs, and start thinking about which plants to grow this year.

Fortunately, there are plenty of wild plants and forages that guinea pigs can eat during the spring and summer months. But, as with any new plant you feed your guinea pig, start off feeding small bits and pieces just once or twice a week.

Only Feed Chemical Free Plants

You must be careful, because flowers are often sprayed with chemicals and pesticides. Any flowers you get from a florist or boutique are dangerous, as are flowers picked in yards that are chemically treated.

Only feed flowers that you’ve grown yourself that are pesticide free or that come from the edible flowers section of the produce department of your local grocer.

And remember: Feed in very small amounts, and when in doubt, don’t! :D

Chamomile flower
Chamomile flower

Dandelion flower
Dandelion flower

Squash blossoms
Squash blossoms

Nasturtium flower

Feeding Flowers: Important Considerations

Any kind of flower fed to your guinea pig should be a treat!

Flowers vary by nutritional composition and mineral content. Feed only small bits of any flowers until your guinea pig acclimates to a new treat.

The Guinea Pig Safe Flowers List


Yellow highlight = Calcium and other nutritional information could not be found.

All figures given as average amount in 100 grams (g).

FLOWER Calcium Vitamin C
Anise (Pimpinella anisum)    
Bee Balm (Monarda)    
Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis)    
Carnation (non-dyed or sprayed) – petals    
Chrysanthemum (leaves) 117.000 mg 1.400 mg
Clover (Trifollium repens or Trifolium pratense)    
Dandelion (Teraxacum officinale) – leaves, stems, flowers, feed only once or twice per week 187.000 mg 35.000 mg
Field Violet / Wild Pansy (Viola tricolor)    
Hedge mustard (Sisymbrium officinale)    
Lavender 215.000 mg 12.000 mg
Linden / Lime Tree (Tilia cordata or Tilia platyphyllos)    
Marigold (caneldula; Calendula officinalis) – leaves and flowers    
Pansies – petals    
Rose hips – wild 169.000 mg 426.000 mg
Squash blossoms – petals    
Sweet violet    
Vetch (Vicia x)    
Yarrow (Achllea millefolium)    
Wild Chamomile (Matricaria chammomilla)    

Got Something to Say? Comment!

Does your guinea pig have a favorite flower?

Have a suggestion for a flower to add?

Leave a comment below!

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  • Jollywho7

    Hello, I have just started coming to you’d site recently and I am thankful for your wealth of knowledge. Our two newest additionTwinkle an Sam are glad to have parents that haven’t such a helpful website! I was wondering a few things actually one being can they have rose hips from any roses or just certain ones? Also can they be dried? 2. What treats can they have besides fruits, vegetables,and flowers? And 3. Can they have raisins? Thanks so much!!

  • Jollywho7


  • Hammy

    Thanks for stopping by, glad you’re finding some info to help you along the way :) Not sure which types of rose varieties are unsafe, but I do know acceptable varieties are Dortmund, Hansa, Old Blush, Rosa Canina, and Rosa Rugosa Rubra.

    As for other types of acceptable treats, a guinea pig’s ideal diet consists of fresh grass hay, water, and grass hay pellets; veg on occasion, fruits in moderation, and flowers rarely (if your piggie even likes flowers). There’s enough veg and fruit to satisfy a cavy for a lifetime!

    Have you seen our list Safe Vegetables for Guinea Pigs and Dark Green Lettuce for Your Guinea Pig? Those articles may help you find other yummy treats for your guinea pigs. Hope this helps!

  • equallychloe

    Do you think an adult is like 3 and up? My guinea pig is 2 in a half any suggestions if pellets would be a good idea or hold off?

  • Ashley

    Can guinea pigs eat Lavender? My piggy swiped some from me and ate it before I could take it away. I know she liked it cause she begged for more. She hasn’t had any more, but if its okay for her to eat it I’d like to give her some.

  • Hammy

    Yep, lavender is safe for guinea pigs, but go easy since it’s got a lot of calcium. :)

  • kayleigh

    can guinea pigs eat dandilions

  • Hammy

    Yes, dandelions are on the list :)

  • Jamie L Steible

    What is lavender?

  • Jamie L Steible

    Hey hammy first timer here so my question is how much can my piggy daisy eat of dandylions

  • Hammy

    Lavandula (common name lavender) is an aromatic purple flowering plant usually used as an herb. The lavender we are referring to is Lavandula angustifolia.

  • Hammy

    We feed dandelions rarely, about 1 stem and 1 flower only one day each week for each pig. But you can probably get away with 2 stems and 2 flowers for each pig.

  • Aussies Cavy Owner

    Hello, thank you for making this info’ available. It is great. I have been looking for it and you have it all in one place. Thank you.

  • najaidraper

    hi hammy i dont have a piggy (yet) im 11 and im trying to convince my dad to get me one can your owenr typ me back on what to do thx

  • najaidraper


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