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Guinea Pig Calendars for 2014

Published: 11/4/2013 | Author: HappyCavy | Updated: 9/30/2015

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Guinea pig calendar for 2014

2014 Pet Piggies On Parade Calendar by CavyMadness

The arrival of cool, fall weather at the HappyCavy household brings with it the start of several annual traditions. Snuggle blankets are distributed to each cavy, summer cooling blocks are thawed and put away, and The Humans begin searching for guinea pig holiday gift ideas.

But aside from the fancy cozies and care accessories destined to be gift-wrapped for the HappyCavies, The Humans take part in a tradition shared by guinea pig enthusiasts around the world:

The annual guinea pig calendar gift-exchange.


Around this time each year, guinea pig rescues and individuals begin to announce the sale of their much anticipated guinea pig calendars.

With each passing year, the list of guinea pig calendars for sale grows longer and longer. From the glossy and high-def to the handmade and shoe-string, sifting through PetSmart calendars and other big-box offerings can get a little overwhelming.

So this year, we wanted to make the calendar buying process easier for ourselves and our readers by putting together a buyer’s guide to guinea pig calendars for 2014.

After all, it just makes sense to manage your guinea pig’s schedule on a calendar with other cute guinea pigs staring back at you!

Guinea Pig Calendars for 2014

Not every 2014 calendar for sale made it onto the Guinea Pig Calendar List below. We omit the cookie-cutter, mass-produced, high-gloss calendars available by the hundreds. Instead, we focus on calendars with short production runs created by individuals, guinea pig rescues, and other organizations who may rely on calendar sales to fund year to year operating expenses.

If you know of a guinea pig calendar that deserves to be included, please let us know in the comments section below!

The Guinea Pig Calendar List 2014

Real Men Love Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig calendar for 2014

“Real Men Love Guinea Pigs”

It’s official: Orange County Cavy Haven has broken the mold for guinea pig calendars! Forget saccharine sweet poses next to cliché set-ups, OCCH’s “Real Men Love Guinea Pigs” calendar features 12 handsome volunteers from OCCH that have agreed to be ogled and objectified in the name of raising money for homeless guinea pigs.

It’s a clever concept, and with creativity like this, we can’t wait to see what OCCH has in store for years to come!


2014 Guinea Pig Vertical Wall Calendar

Guinea pig calendar for 2014

Guinea Pig Wall Calendar

In case handsome men warming up to cute cavies isn’t your thing, Orange County Cavy Haven has produced a second calendar alongside “Real Men Love Guinea Pigs”. These volunteers must be busy!

This simple, vertical wall calendar features natural poses, a straight-forward layout , and a high-quality spread of more than 20 adorable guinea pigs (including cover).


Texas Rustlers Calendar 2014

Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Calendar

Texas Rustlers Calendar 2014

Last year, Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue created their first ever guinea pig calendar to raise money for their rescued guinea pigs. This year, Texas Rustlers is once again selling a vertical wall calendar filled with large-format photographs of their rescued and re-homed cavies.


Support Guinea Pig Rescues!

Purchasing a guinea pig calendar from a rescue (like Orange County Cavy Haven or Texas Rustlers) is always a good idea.

Proceeds from calendar purchases are generally used toward operating costs (like events and supplies) and veterinary expenses for their rescued guinea pigs. Please be a kind Human. Support local rescues!

Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue Calendar 2014

Metrpolitan Guinea Pig Rescue Calendar

2014 MGPR Calendar

An annual favorite, the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue 2014 calendar continues to feature a bevy of adorable guinea pigs, replete with fun accessories and creative poses.

The calendar can be purchased by making a donation via PayPal to MGPR. Visit the Facebook link below and look for MGPR’s comment for more information.


Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar 2014

Undercover Guinea Pig Calendar 2014

Undercover Guinea Pigs Calendar

Undercover Guinea Pigs, a blog managed by HappyCavy friend Mieke, puts together a calendar each year using photos taken by blog readers. Proceeds from calendar sales are donated to Palace Piggie Rescue near Crawley UK.

Undercover Guinea Pigs is still accepting calendar entries! Stay tuned for availability details.


2014 Pet Piggies on Parade Calendar

Guinea pig calendar photo

2014 Pet Piggies on Parade

CavyMadness, operated by Tammy Raabe of guinea pig picnic fame, is selling a beautifully-designed calendar called “2014 Pet Piggies on Parade”.

The gorgeous calendar features a spread of stunning photos taken of CavyMadness’ community members’ guinea pigs. The calendar is available in large format and post-card sizes.


We Are NOT Impressed!

Guinea pig calendar Guinea Lynx

“We Are NOT Impressed!”

Guinea Lynx is arguably the #1 online authority for information on guinea pig care and medical concerns. And if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find a forum packed with dedicated members from around the world.

The focus of the 2014 Guinea Lynx calendar is on guinea pigs giving their owners a disapproving look (i.e., the “stink eye”). All photos on the calendar were contributed by Guinea Lynx Forum members.


Suzanne Le Good Guinea Pig Calendar 2014

Illustrated Guinea Pig Calendar

Illustrated guinea pig calendar

Suzanne Le Good is an illustrator, painter, and multimedia artist from the UK, and she’s put together a very special guinea pig calendar for 2014.

This calendar features 12 of Suzanne’s most popular guinea pig paintings which come in a variety of styles: from realistic to decorative, to stylized and whimsical.


Get Your Calendar Featured!

Tell the world about your 2014 guinea pig calendar!

Whether you’re a guinea pig rescue, independent artist, or just looking for a little extra exposure for your guinea pig calendar, please leave a comment below and we may include your suggestion!

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