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Winning Results for The Guinea Pig Rescue CareFRESH Contest

Published: 10/1/2012 | Author: HappyCavy | Updated: 11/19/2017

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Three weeks ago, HappyCavy began a contest called The Amazing Guinea Pig Rescue Bedding Contest. The contest was held to help us select a guinea pig rescue to receive twelve 60L bags of CareFRESH Natural Pet Bedding.

And the results are in!

The Winning Rescue

Without further delay, let’s get to it!

With a total of 84 votes cast, the winning rescue for The Amazing Guinea Pig Rescue Bedding Contest is…

The Critter Corral in Steger, Illinois!

The Critter Corral was founded in 1999 to find homeless and unwanted guinea pigs new, loving homes. In fact, as of January 1st, 2012, they have taken in over 3,300 guinea pigs. What an amazing rescue!

As the winner, The Critter Corral will receive a free shipment of twelve 60L bags of CareFRESH Natural Pet Bedding and will be featured as the CareFRESH Rescue of the Month.

HappyCavy will be contacting The Critter Corrall soon to arrange the delivery of their awesome winning prize.

Some of the super-nice comments people made about The Critter Corrall speaks to the great work they do:

“I would like to vote for the Critter Corral Guinea Pig Rescue! I have three cavies from these wonderful people — they really helped me with choosing the right pigs for me. They rescue so many…their fosters are truly dedicated to saving lives.” – Amy

“I’m voting for Critter Corral Guinea Pig Rescue because the guinea pigs there are so well cared for and loved. If anyone deserves free bedding, it is this place.” – Molly

“Critter Corral rescue in IL has my vote! They’re run by a wonderful group of people who put a lot of effort and love into fostering the piggies and finding them forever homes, and all three piggies I’ve adopted from them have been wonderful and in great health.” – Jessica

“[The Critter Corrall is] a small operation, but Rose and her helpers have rescued hundreds of piggies and she has found forever homes for handicapped and elderly piggies as well as the young and cute.” – Kay

Honorable Mentions

With 268 qualified votes cast for 19 different guinea pig rescues, it was a lot of fun to see the wonderful things people had to say about each rescue they nominated.

Needless to say, every rescue that was nominated deserves special recognition. Here is a full list of each guinea pig rescue that received a vote, with the number of awesome participants who cast a vote in their honor.

  • Australian Cavy Sanctuary – 59 votes
  • Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue Nottingham – 1 vote
  • Carolina Pet Rescue – 3 votes
  • Cavy House – 1 vote
  • Critter Corral Guinea Pig Rescue – 84 votes winner!
  • CT Guinea Pig Rescue – 1 vote
  • Dr. Julia Becker in Lafayette, IN – 1 vote
  • Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue – 2 votes
  • Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue – 1 vote
  • Judge’s Park of New Castle, PA – 1 vote
  • Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue – 13 votes
  • MGPR – 1 vote
  • My Hope’s In You Small Animal Rescue – 3 votes
  • Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue – 1 vote
  • Piggie Poo Rescue – 4 votes
  • Piggles Guinea Pig Rescue – 1 vote
  • – 29 votes
  • Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue – 32 votes
  • Wee Companions – 30 votes

Thank You, Friends!

A big, wheekin’ THANK YOU! to EVERYONE who participated! Because of your willingness to cast votes and spread the word about this awesome contest, a much-deserving rescue will be able to pamper the guinea pigs in their care with some free CareFRESH Natural Pet Bedding.

Here’s to a rescue full of happy, wheeking piggies at The Critter Corrall!

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