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The Top 10 Guinea Pig Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

Published: 9/7/2017 | Author: HappyCavy | Updated: 10/5/2017

Categories: Fun Stuff
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Guinea pig on rocket ship

Photo credit: Fuzzberta

What could be better than scrolling through your Instagram feed to come across a cute guinea pig smiling back at you?

Nothing, that’s what. Literally, nothing is better than surprise guinea pigs on your Insta feed.

To help you increase your photo feed’s ratio of guinea pigs to “not guinea pigs,” we spent hours finding the cutest and most squee-worthy cavies Instagram has to offer.

Did we miss something? Leave a comment to let us know!

10. Three Happy Piggies (@3happypiggies)

Piggy, Princess, and Pumpkin the guinea pigs go from tame to 100 percent silly with each swipe of the finger. Whether Pumpkin is showing off his fuzzy bum or Princess (above) takes a nap — or a romp through the wild outdoors (closely supervised and photographed, of course) — you won’t get bored here. Nope. Not at all.

9. Piggie Parodies (@piggieparodies)

Piggie Parodies Paws poster

Piggie Parodies is run by a graphic designer and guinea pig slave to three adorable guinea pigs.

The feed is chock full of parody posters featuring this Instagrammer’s guinea pigs, with a few other animals thrown in for good measure.

Think BatPig. Alice Pooper. A Nightmare on Wheek Street.

You get the idea. Now give him a follow.

8. Guinea Winnie Ninny Mini (

This Australian Insta captures the lives of Winnie (a blind pig), Ninny, and Mini (Ninny’s mom), and Tiny Pig. From snack time to floor time, follow this Insta to get behind-the-scenes and up-close to three seriously adorable guinea pigs.

7. I’m Not a Hamster (@imnotahamster)

Guinea pig sleeping on pillow

I’m Not a Hamster documents the daily lives of three boars: Ben, Brownie, and Barley. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of photos of guinea pigs yawning and sleeping. Unlike the other Instagram accounts, here, most photos aren’t posed, because sometimes you just want to see pigs being pigs.

6. GuineaPigture (@guineapigture)

Guinea pig picnic

With over 20K followers at the time of writing this article, GuineaPigture follows the life of Harry and Lawrence, two guinea pig friends and Instagram sensations. Click, scroll, and double-tap until your thumbs are numb. You’re welcome!

5. Tito and Reno (@titorenogpigs)

Guinea pigs looking out window

Dutch guineas Tito and Reno live pampered, fuzzy lives and intend to share every moment of it with their 28K fans. Outdoor romps? Check. Popcorning pigtures? Check. Getting featured on primetime Dutch TV? Check!

Do yourself a favorite and add these boys to your feed pronto.

4. Guinea Pigs of IG (@GuineaPigsOf_IG)

Smiling guinea pig sleeping

The official Guinea Pigs of IG is your go-to collection of the cutest and most popular guinea pig accounts on Instagram (with a few hedgehogs, rabbits, and other critters sprinkled throughout).

Many of the guinea pig Instagrammers featured in this article are also featured on Guinea Pigs of IG. So if you aren’t satisfied with just 10 guinea pig accounts, check out the Official Guinea Pigs of IG for even more to follow.

3. Ludwig (@ludwik_guinea_pig)

Skinny hairless guinea pig

Skinny pig!

Ludwik the hairless “skinny pig” doesn’t have time for your unrealistic beauty standards. Hairless, wrinkly, and full of personality, Ludwik is a rescued guinea pig who even has his own line of fan club socks.

2. The Lava Empire (@thelavaempire)

A post shared by @thelavaempire on

The Lava Empire account came to fame after going viral with the “Guinea Pigs Jumping Over the Lava” YouTube hit in early 2016.

With this Insta, you can follow the ups-and-downs of a herd of spoiled, popcorning guinea pigs living the life of luxury somewhere in a high-rise in New York City.

1. Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta)

Baby guinea pig in stroller

Undeniably the most famous and most liked guinea pigs on Instagram, Fuzzberta & Friends features THIS BABY GUINEA PIG IN A TINY STROLLER.

Need we say more? No, we don’t. You need to follow Fuzzberta RIGHT NOW.

Special mention:

HappyCavy (@happycavy)

A post shared by happycavy (@happycavy) on

And of course, there’s HappyCavy! While we may not share the fame of the other Instagrammers here, the biggest reason to follow is for the chance to see an every-now-and-then close-up of the smiling faces of Winnie, Rosie, and Feebee, the resident HappyCavies.

Double-tap often and share the love!

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