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A HappyCavy Guinea Pig Housewarming

Published: 7/11/2017 | Author: HappyCavy | Updated: 7/16/2017

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Cute guinea pig on alert

Winnie asks that you sit up straight for a tour of her new home

Home is where your hay is.

It’s true! Guinea pigs don’t need much to feel at home – some fresh hay, clean water and a warm place to sleep seem to keep most guinea pigs happy for hours at a time. But sometimes it doesn’t hurt for a guinea pig’s home to have a few special extras.

At HappyCavy, we define “special extras” as the plushest, most comfortable living quarters that a guinea pig could ever imagine. It’s no secret that the HappyCavy guinea pigs were already living in luxury. And that luxury just got a big upgrade, because the HappyCavies have a brand new cage!

So let’s take a tour and see what’s new. But first, let’s start with a little background.

History of the HappyCavy Guinea Pig Cage

Black guinea pig with cage in background

Feebee, the 8 year-old HappyCavy.

The original HappyCavy guinea pig cage was built in 2009 from a cubes-and-coroplast design. The cage went through several iterations, first to house the three-strong herd of Piglet, Hammy and Bitsy and then to provide separate living quarters for Dot, Hammy, Buttercup and Feebee.

During its final design, the separate living spaces served as home for the HappyCavy guinea pigs of 2017: Feebee, Rosie and Winnie.

Introducing: HappyCavy Guinea Pig Cage 2.0

Large guinea pig cage

The new HappyCavy Forever Home

The new guinea pig cage isn’t all that different on the inside. But we guarantee you that the HappyCavies don’t know this, so please don’t spoil the fun! There’s still the plush, colorful fleece and abundant supply of hay and fresh, clean water to keep them happy.

Plush fabric guinea pig bedding

The plush interior. So soft!

On the outside, the new cage is a two-level custom design made with a combination of real wood with non-toxic finish, custom-cut coroplast cage inserts to make disassembly a breeze, and cage grids inlayed in- the wood edging on the main level. Each side of the cage has a ramp to provide access to the upper level.

The bottom wood cabinet houses storage compartments for food, fleece and guinea pig care supplies. Plus, the entire cage is mobile because the wood cabinet sits atop casters, allowing the Humans to move the cage around for easy cleaning.

While the new cage appears smaller than the old one, don’t let it fool you. The new cage is 28 square feet (two square feet larger than their old cage) which provides lots of room for the guinea pigs to eat, explore and take plenty of afternoon naps.

New Webcam Angles

Teddy guinea pig smiling

Rosie is excited to be in her new Forever Home.

The new cage boasts the same four guinea pig webcams and Guinea Pig Treat Machine devices so you can watch and treat the HappyCavy clan from wherever you are in the world.

There are still two webcams for each side of the cage, and have now been lowered to give you a closer look at the lives of the HappyCavies as they eat, sleep and generally live a spoiled life.

The Humans are still working on perfecting the webcam angles, so thank you for your patience as we adjust and get them just right for your optimal viewing pleasure.

What do you think about our new home?

Large guinea pig cage

The HappyCavy Forever Home for Guinea Pigs

What do you think about the new HappyCavy Forever Home?

Do you like the new webcam angles?

Let us know by leaving a comment below! Then watch the guinea pigs in their new home by visiting the HappyCavy guinea pig webcams here.

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