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HappyCavy Remotely Controlled Guinea Pig Treat Machine

Published: 5/25/2014 | Author: HappyCavy | Updated: 11/26/2017

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guinea pig with remote pellet dispenser device

Dot and her treat dispenser

Do you love the HappyCavies herd and want to give them a treat? Well, if you have a mobile device, now you can!

With the HappyCavies Mobile Treater, you can dispense several timothy hay pellets to the guinea pigs from wherever you’re watching the webcams. The cost to use the remotely-controlled Guinea Pig Treat Machine is $1 USD. For each $1 purchase, you have the opportunity to dispense pellets once every 15 minutes for 24 hours.

And the best part? One hundred percent of the cost will be donated to The Portland Guinea Pig Rescue in Portland, Oregon.

Yummy for everyone!

Learn how to start treating the guinea pigs! Follow the HappyCavy Guinea Pig Treat Machine below.

Open the Treater App

To access the Treat Machine app on your Internet-enabled mobile device, visit from your device’s browser. Then click on the blue “Treat the Guinea Pigs!” button.

You can also type the URL into your device’s browser URL bar:

How to Treat

I’m there! How do I treat?

After you access the Treater app, begin the treating process by clicking the “Pay $1.00 to Feed the Pigs” button.

When you hit the button, you will be redirected to PayPal to enter your PayPal login credentials. At this time, you can choose to pay directly by credit or debit card with PayPal.

Confirm Purchase

After you completed the PayPal process, the Treater app will ask you to confirm your purchase.

To confirm, click the red “Confirm $1.00 USD payment” button.

Check the Webcams

After confirming, visit on your desktop computer or an Internet-enabled device other than the one from which you have purchased your Treater pass. Make sure the webcams are online. The image to the left shows a webcam that is online (top) and a webcam that is offline (bottom). Webcams #1 and #2 display the Treater devices. Both webcams #1 and #2 should be online before you can access the Treater button.

Click on the play button to start the guinea pig webcams.

Make sure you can see the guinea pigs. Sometimes, the guinea pigs may be out of the cage, like during floor time or when they’re having routine care.

Do You Have to Wait?

After confirming your purchase, if you see a message like the one shown on the left, this is because the Treater can only be activated once every 15 minutes.

This is done so that the HappyCavy guinea pigs are not inundated with treats being fed at the same time. If you see the message to the left, simply wait as long as indicated for your turn to activate the Treater.

Activate the Treater

Click the “Activate the Treater” button. Due to webcam lag time, it may take 1 to 2 minutes from the time you click the button until you see the treats dispense on the webcams.

#6 Watch the Guinea Pigs

Webcam #1

Webcam #2

The pellets dispensers can be seen on webcams #1 and #2. When the treats are being dispensed, you will see the tubes on the Guinea Pig Treat Machine light up three times, like in the example above. A short light sequence will follow. This means the treats are on their way! Watch the webcams, and see the guinea pigs’ delight as they gobble down the snacks.

Thanks, Beta Testers!

A big “thank you” goes to our Beta Testers! Seventeen awesome volunteers helped us test the HappyCavy Treater all the way back in July 2013. Thank you for your input!

Have You Used the Treater?

What do you think? Was the process easy enough to do? Did you get to see the guinea pigs eat your treats? Let us know in the comments section below!

Have A Problem with the Treater?

To report problems with the Treater, or for general inquiries, please contact us here.

HappyCavy Remotely Controlled Guinea Pig Treat Machine, 5.0 out of 5 based on 14 ratings
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  • Nevaeh Gariepy

    Wow what a genius idea in gonna give them a treat right now

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