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Guinea pigs typically live an average of 5 to 7 years [source]

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Guinea Pig Website Links

Updated: 11/6/2017

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Happy Cavy’s philosophy is adoption over buying. Because of this we do not accept links from websites that pertain to breeding or offer breeding resources.



Guinea Pig Website Links

Rescues, Shelters and Non-Profits

Cavy Spirit
The BEST place for cavy care basics! A great introduction for beginners is Guinea Lynx’s Guide to Raising a Healthy Guinea Pig.

Pet Guardian Angels of America
PGAA’s mission is to provide the information necessary to help you find the type of pet that matches your lifestyle both physically and emotionally.

Donate Money to Guinea Pig Rescues

Guinea Pig Health

Guinea Lynx
Guinea Lynx: Guinea Pig Medical Guide
A comprehensive website covering all aspects of guinea pig health and care, including: common infections, pregnancy, emergency care information, and a ton of other helpful topics.

Guinea Pig Retailers & Popular Products

Cavies Galore
Cavies Galore
A global guinea pig community with a lot of fun stuff like chat rooms, computer games, and guinea pig name ideas.

Created by Laura
Created by Laura is a custom sewing and embroidery business based in Rochester, NY specializing in handmade bags, blankets and items for guinea pigs and other small pets.

The Magic Zoo
Hand-crafted, artist-created guinea pig jewelry, necklaces, and charms.
Piggy BedSpreads, LLC is a small family owned company that makes washable cage bedding and unique accessories for guinea pigs and other small animals. Our feature products are Piggy BedSpreads. Just sweep up the droppings daily and wash and dry weekly! Makes caring for piggies pure pleasure!

Piggie Pop Shop
These posh new digs for your guinea pig are guaranteed to make your cavy popcorn with joy.

Popcorn Prints
Popcorn Prints
A huge range of gifts, clothing and home accessories featuring guinea pigs! The range includes t-shirts, greetings cards, mugs, stickers and lots more! There are also lots of products which raise funds for guinea pig rescues. All products are fully customizable so you can create your own completely unique item!

Spiffy Pigs
Hand-made, brightly colored and 100% adorable guinea pig beds, tunnels, and snuggle sacks. Custom orders welcome!

This Little Piggie Marketplace
This Little Piggie Marketplace is a pro-rescue, affiliate website with a focus on education and helping guinea pig owners choose piggie-appropriate products. Serving cavies and their slaves since 2006!

Personal Guinea Pig Websites
Piggy Lovers United is a fun website about 12 adorable cavies. It includes photos, videos, artwork, and great info on how to raise a happy guinea pig.

Sue’s Guinea Pigs
A personal web page based on the care of one human’s pet guinea pigs including housing, food, and hot/cold weather care

Forums Forum

Guinea Lynx Forum

Pigloo Forums

The Guinea Pig Forum UK

Wheekers Guinea Pig Forum

Guinea Pig Information

Jackies Guinea Piggies features some seriously adorable guinea pigs with. Plus this website also has a large amount of guinea pig care information, guinea pig art work, animations and guest pets.
Information on housing and guinea pig care.

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Welfare: Guinea Pig Facts
The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare was established in 1995. They are a rabbit and guinea pig rescue in Rugby, Warwickshire UK.

Start Local: Guinea Pig Care and Behavior
Link resources covering topics such as guinea pig housing, care, diet, and cage maintenance.


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