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The Guinea Pig Sound: Purring [AUDIO]

Published: 2/17/2013 | Author: HappyCavy | Updated: 11/2/2014

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The guinea pig purr seems to be a point of disagreement within the guinea pig community. Some swear that guinea pigs simply don’t purr and instead attribute this low, rumbling noise to an annoyed durr and a request to be left alone.

However, here at the HappyCavy Forever Home, we can attest to the fact that this deep sound, followed by relaxed body language, is a purr and Buttercup is one of the most purr-iest of guinea pigs.

Buttercup purrs so much that she can frequently be seen walking around the cage, purring at her sisters, and looking longingly at The Humans to be petted.

HappyCavy Facebook friend Sue made the following observation: “One of mine makes that noise I was told it is called motor boating.”

From what I understand, “motor boating” is a term generally applied to the low, rumbling sound a guinea pig makes when establishing herd dominance. And many guinea pig keepers think that there really isn’t any such thing as “purring”. While it’s true that guinea pig sounds are incredibly difficult to decipher, Buttercup is a bona fide Guinea Pig Purr Specialist.

In fact, just a few seconds of petting generally results in Buttercup laying down, closing her eyes, and taking a quick nap after each purring session. We’re not sure what makes Buttercup so cuddly, but she is certainly a very happy guinea pig.

HappyCavy is fortunate to have a pig with as much personality as Mrs. Cups.

Guinea Pig Purring Sound

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  • Chelle Merrill

    This is great! The first time my little guy made this sound, I didn’t know what to think – until he curled up & went to sleep in my lap! My 9-yr-old son & I refer to it as his “Perry sound” (from Perry the Platypus on Disney’s Phineas & Ferb).

  • Marisa Dean

    It really is!!:)

  • Haha! Thanks for sharing, that’s so cute that your piggy sleeps in your lap 🙂

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