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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Lessons I’ve Learned from Guinea Pigs

Published: 1/15/2017 | Author: HappyCavy | Updated: 1/15/2017

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Guinea pig with wand in Fantastic Beasts theme photo

Rosie the fantastic (guinea pig) beast

HappyCavy Human #1 wrote a guest article about life with guinea pigs for — an online magazine and podcast featuring the stories of pets and the humans that care for them. You can read an excerpt below then click the link to read the full article.

Life before guinea pigs –- my fantastic beasts –- was a simpler time.

Saturday mornings were usually spent at the local farmer’s market or finding a new favorite hike among Oregon’s many outdoor offerings. Weekdays were spent quietly working on hobbies after work or planning fun weekend get-aways. And the spare bedroom was just that: a quiet room with a small bed and a little nightstand used by infrequent overnight guests.

Life with guinea pigs looks similar, but different in many ways.

On Saturday mornings, you’ll find me in the spare bedroom (now referred to as “the guinea pig room”) among piles or fleece, hay and coroplast, cleaning the large cavy cage and restocking hay and pellets while the guinea pigs play in a large pen on the kitchen floor.

Weeknights are still spent on hobbies. But today’s hobbies include trimming each guinea pigs’ nails one night, cleaning ears and performing guinea pig health checks another night and every night spent setting up and breaking down an hour worth of floor time activity for Feebee, Rosie and Winnie the guinea pigs.

Despite all the work –- late nights spent hand-feeding a guinea pig too sick to eat for herself or hunting for poos underneath kitchen cabinets after a particularly raucous floor time –- my life is richer for having guinea pigs: my very own fantastic beasts.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Lessons I've Learned from Guinea Pigs, 4.5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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  • Furry Shenanigans

    A very heartwarming article!

  • Thank you! 😀

  • Alaisha Wrakestraw Seely

    Wonderful article, life is grand with guinea pigs in our life!

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